Your Designs…In 3D

If you’re like us at Behance, you geek out over the amazing things that technology makes possible – like 3D printing. These astounding printers use flat plastic to print, and lay down successive layers until you end up with a finished 3D product. If you have a design that you want to transform into an object, you can take advantage of this technology from the comfort of your desk – just upload your designs to Shapeways & they’ll take it from there, sending you (or anyone else who wants to buy one) a 3D version of your design in the mail.  On Behance, you can link any image with your online Shapeways store. Here’s how some Behancers are using it:

Oslo Ceramic Coaster by Studio Hansen (Oslo, Norway)

Starfish and Coral Pendants by Michaella Janse van Vuuren (Pretoria, South Africa)

Arab Spring iPhone Case by David Bizer (Berlin, Germany)

Shell Candeholders by Studio Hansen (Oslo, Norway)

Foam Bracelet by Riccardo Bovo (London, United Kingdom)