Winners of GE & Behance’s “Rethink the Design” Challenge

Around the world, a woman dies from breast cancer every 69 seconds.[1] It’s not that the cancer is untreatable.  It’s that millions of women can’t get regular breast cancer screenings because they lack access to facilities, technologies, or trained professionals.

So we asked for your help: “How can we use great design to improve the breast cancer screening experience and save lives?” You came back to us with inspiring ideas, and we at GE would like to thank you for participating in the Rethink the Design: Screening for Breast Cancer challenge.

The 47 submissions aimed to make the mammography experience more comfortable, assessable, and to reduce fear. Submissions ranged from making screenings more convenient for women by having mobile units, to creating a more spa like atmosphere. (We especially liked the idea of having cupcakes as a treat after screenings.) After going through all of your submissions, we found two ideas that stood out. We are happy to announce that Irving Ling and Manoj Manduva were selected to receive grants to continue the work on their submissions. Both Manoj and Irving want to increase education and awareness around breast cancer screenings.  Irving’s winning submission is for the creation of an app with self-examination techniques and treatments information; and Manoj’s submission uses infographics to make the mammography experience less intimidating.

GE Healthymagination committed $1 billion to the fight against cancer. Our goal is to break down the barriers of healthcare, we want to increase quality, increase access, and reduce costs. For breast cancer this means improving the screening experience. Together we can make a big impact on breast cancer, and reduce the number of unnecessary deaths. Congratulations to Irving and Manoj, and thank you for taking on the design challenge.

[1] Susan G Komen Foundation Statistic Every 69 Seconds a Woman Dies from Breast Cancer – Komen for the Cure Wants People Globally to Take Action