Want your work to be featured? Tips from the Curatorial Team

Each day, you’ll notice fresh featured content on the Behance Network and our Served Sites. We’re proud to show you the very best from our talented network of Creative Professionals, to help these greats get the exposure they deserve. Each day, the curators go through every single project that is uploaded; we get a lot of questions from network members asking how we choose the featured content on both the Behance Network and The Served sites.

Well, we’ll tell you (what we can). Innumerable factors go into how featured work is chosen, but the Curatorial Team has put together a list of a few outstanding features that they look for when sorting through the freshly uploaded projects each day. If you won’t rest easy until your work gets on the front page or a Served site, keep these guidelines in mind:

We appreciate length in a project; if your project has only 1 or 2 images, it will not be featured. There is no limit on length – the longer the better!

The project should hang together around one central concept or idea. A project shouldn’t be “all about your design,” but incorporate your great design in a fluid and conceptual way.

To us, clean, organized, and professional presentation of work is as important as quality of work.