“I’ve become a double award-winning photographer”: Leandro Sanchez’s success on Behance

As a photographer and director, I discovered Behance while editing a film project in NYC.  My editor introduced me to the Network, and I started by posting by video series “Portraits” of NYC artists, as well as some of my photography.

The platform of Behance helped spread awareness of my work; an art gallery in San Francisco owned by veteran curator Mark Busacca started to sell selected photographic artworks of mine, and soon the photo journalism site LIFE force Magazine (called by BBC2 “The revival place of the photo essays…”) found my work on Behance and published my Ramona Gardens photo essay. It was also just featured on La lettre de la photographie.

[Ramona Gardens; featured on LIFE force Magazine]

I have found great contacts and inspiration through Behance, and I’ve also formed great collaborations with other artists on the other side of the planet.  Through my Behance connections, my partner found a great graphic designer who designed the logo for the upcoming film production app she created. We also now use ProSite for our company; repertoriumfilms.prosite.com.

[Nature's Navajo Palaces on the Behance Network]

Behance has brought fresh ideas, possibilities and expansion to my work. Since joining Behance, my print sales have grown, my notoriety and professional network have expanded, and I’ve become a double award-winning photographer. Many website and magazine features of my work started because people discovered my work on Behance platforms.[Repertorium Films viral series "PORTRAITS" featured on LaughingSquid.com]

For links to more features on websites and magazines, visit my Selected Press page. Visit my Behance profile at Behance.net/RepertoriumFilms.