Tips from FLUD-Making News Sexy With Their Mobile Apps

FLUD, a mobile reader “making news sexy,” lets you consume the blogs and feeds you love on an app that makes the content look better than it ever has. We invited them to write a guest blog post and tell you a bit more about what they do, and give some tips for using the app to gain influence.

You do what you love. You want to meet others who love what you love, and talk about it. You also want to get hired to do what you love. We’ve found one of the best uses for FLUD is to consume the latest content in your area of interest, and post the best articles to social media. Keep your peers updated on what you’re reading, start a conversation with a coworker, or a resume of the passion and knowledge running wild in your brain.

Try out FLUD’s recipe for daily reading and posting to Twitter:

  1. In FLUD on your mobile device, follow feeds that match up with your interests. The 99 Percent and the Behance feeds are great for entrepreneurs or creatives. Also try Abduzeedo for daily inspiration and TechCrunch for news on startups. FLUD comes with recommend feeds in several categories for you to try out, and every week we feature a Weekly Best with more sources of great content.
  2. When you enjoy and article, post it to Twitter. FLUD will always give you the latest articles, so something you hear news before anyone else.
  3. If you do all your news reading at one time (aka right when you get to work), make an account on Buffer release tweets in intervals so you don’t overwhelm your followers at one time. From inside FLUD, just email articles to to queue up article.
  4. Check your Klout score on to see what topics you are most influential on. Not surprisingly, FLUD is influential on the iPad and design. And, Klout recently began offering tangible rewards for Klout users. Our founder Bobby Ghoshal’s Klout score got us a case of Metromint water.

These are some of our favorite tools for reading and tweeting. Don’t be the tree that falls in the woods that nobody hears — let your influence be known! Let us know what you think on Twitter at @fludapp or just say hello.