This Week’s Most Appreciated Projects

Appreciations are a way to send genuine kudos to another creative professional on Behance. This is our community’s way of curating the network. Here’s a look at two of the most appreciated projects on Behance this week…

These Star Wars identities were created to advertise Lucasfilms and X3 Productions by a full team including an illustrator, copywriter, creative lead and more. Collaboration at its finest, check out the full campaign (and one of the Most Appreciate Projects on the Network) here.

The XKX Jaguar is a “new generation electric roadster” that was designed with both performance and power in mind. While the finished product is an undeniably sexy sports car, we like to think that part of the reason this project was so popular on the network was its narrative quality. The creators shared everything from their inspiration (1971 Jaguar models) to their sketches and plans, clay models, studio renders, detail shots and, of course, the finished campaign. See the full journey here.