The Top 10 Most Appreciated Projects of 2012

Before making the leap into another productive and creative year, we decided to celebrate with some Behance highlights from 2012. Check out our roundup of the top 10 Most Appreciated projects from this past year and congrats to all the talented creatives who made the list:

#1. New York based illustrator/designer Peter Stults re-imagines contemporary movies, and their posters, through the lens of a different era. Check out the full series here.

# 2. Tim Tadder quickly became a Behance favorite with his “Water Wigs” photo series, where he exploded water balloons on the heads of bald men.

#3. David Habben experimented by drawing a shape subconsciously then filling it with unique characters. “Shapes of Conscious” brings to light the notion that even contraints can foster creativity.

#4. Mexican design studio Anagrama shared 50 logos in a single project, ranging from hospitality brands to film festivals.

#5. Italian artist Alberto Seveso created a simple, yet elegant series of work that instantly took off. Pouring ink into water, Seveso captured the moving beauty with high speed photography.

#6.  Frontage is a charming, layered typeface based on a simple grid. In addition to sharing his work, typographer Juri Zaech even gave away free downloads of the font!

#7. Texan Calligrapher Sean McCabe believes ”nothing says something as beautifully as hand-drawn lettering” and we have to agree! See here for the full series of hand drawn quotes.

#8. Inspired by the idea of 3D food printers, French studio Zim and Zou created a memorable cover for Icon magazine out of paper. Detailed shots (and an animated .gif) here.

#9. Digital photography and retouching project “L’Enfant Extérieur” brings to life the inner child in each of us.

#10. The Arc Angel is a footwear solution that helps reduce the impact on dancers’ feet, while encouraging proper technique. Ballerinas everywhere are thankful for product designer Guercy Eugene