TEDx: Making ideas happen…or how Scott Belsky helped me organize my room

We get a lot of emails from folks around the world who tell us how our founder Scott Belsky’s book “Making Ideas Happen,” or the tools Behance provides has helped them push a project forward, get inspired to revisit goals, or make time for that side project they’ve been neglecting. But here’s one we’ve never heard before: “Scott Belsky helped me organize my room.”

The folks over at TEDx Napoli wrote this great blog post that breaks downy he process of cleaning a room into some key principles learned from “Making Ideas Happen:”

1) Capture Actions: a task needs to be broken down into concrete actions, so “organize a room” is too abstract. Instead, the writer identified tasks like: make a bed, store dirty clothes in laundry basket, etc.

2) Customize your Work Process: Find ways that will be effective in getting you to do the things you usually have trouble getting done – for example, folding clothes. The writer says he has “folding-phobia,” which is why there are usually clothes all over his floor. In this article, he decided to use drawers rather than shelves, so he can “roll” clothes rather than “fold.” Problem solved!

3) The Force of Rituals: “Anyone can clean a room, but to keep it clean during an extended period of time is a very different deal. Belsky’s “Focus Zone’ suggest to choose the five most important actions of the day and make sure that no matter what they get done.” The writer made sure he added “Don’t’ go to bed until my desk is clean” to his Focus Zone.

Read the full article here:
Making ideas happen…or how Scott Belsky helped me organize my room