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Union Square Ventures hosts a Talent Audition on Behance

Behance hosts competitions for organizations and brands that wish to celebrate and engage creative talent. Creatives can submit past projects , avoiding any spec-based crowdsourcing, and an expert panel of judges select finalists from there. Competition winners receive a variety of prizes and job opportunities in addition to being recognized publicly. To check out upcoming competitions on Behance visit   

Union Square Ventures, the investors behind companies like Twitter, Foursquare, Etsy (and Behance!), is hosting a talent audition to identify five designers that will be commissioned to update their firm’s identity. Designers can submit their best brand or identity work from their existing portfolios to participate.

This competition celebrates excellence in brand and identity design, and serves as a “talent audition” to identify 5 designers that will be commissioned by USV to update their firm’s identity. (Note: this is NOT a “spec contest,” just submit a past project that best exemplifies your brand/identity work). The top 5 projects will be deemed “winners,” and their owners will be invited to take on USV as a client, proposing a new identity for USV, with a $1,500 guaranteed payment for responding to the brief. If your initial proposal is selected, USV will provide an additional payment of $12,500 for the completed work.

Visit for more info on the competition and to submit.