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Broadcast your Behance gallery favorites on Facebook

If you’ve been on Facebook recently, you may have noticed a new way to share projects you’ve recently appreciated.

Now, when you link up your Behance and Facebook accounts, projects you’ve appreciated will appear in your Facebook activity. Here’s how to set it up:

1) Click “Me” in the upper right corner to bring up more options, then select Invite & Promote.

2) Click “Promote Settings” then scroll to the Facebook options and click to sign into Facebook to link up your account

If you’re already linked with Facebook, just disconnect, then reconnect to get the latest functionality.

Questions? Contact our support team.

How to Use (and NOT Use) Your Inner Circle

One of the Behance Network’s most important features is each person’s “inner circle.” Your inner circle is a collection of your colleagues and people you know and/or respect.

Every time you publish a new project or join a new group, your inner circle is notified. This becomes a powerful way to get feedback and disseminate your latest work.


(1) If you join the inner circle for people you don’t know, then you will get lots of notifications that you don’t care about. Messages from your inner circle will start to look like “spam” unless you curate your inner circle CAREFULLY. Inner circles were designed to be small and important…

(2) If you like someone’s work, just ADD THEM TO YOUR WATCHLIST (in “Tools” within each project). At Behance, we refuse over 90% of inner circle invitations. But we have huge watchlists of members we love to watch…

(3) If you send too many messages to your inner circle, they may leave you! We encourage you to use your inner circle wisely (just like you would use your close network of peers in the real world).


Want to better manage your inner circle? Maybe you should CLEAN IT UP! Here is how you review, remove people, and edityour inner circle:

My Circles(1) Go to “Circles” and select “My Circles.” Then select the Top Circle in “My Circles” -
your Inner Circle.
Edit Circle(2) Select “Edit Circle”
Editing Circles(3) Select “Participants.” Click “remove” next to anyone that you wish to remove from your inner circle (don’t worry, they won’t get a message). You can also use this space to add any members that you know well or truly respect.

Get Found Easier on Search Engines

Okay this is a short post about an improvement made. If you go to edit your profile now it will let you know that there are two fields used for “META” and “META Description”. You can click on either, which will pop up the relevant descriptions:

The first is really the META Keywords:
“This is text that search engines do NOT display, but use for relevance. We recommend using text that is most relevant to who you are so people are more likely to find you in places like Google or Yahoo.”

The second is the META Description:
“This is the text that search engines use for the blurb below links…”

Try typing your name into your favorite search engine and see where you come up. If you’re not on the front page yet, these changes will help.

Stop Spam

I am going to take a guess and say if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you too own a blog. This means you probably run into annoying spam bots. The issue kicked up around here as of late so we took some action. I have to recommend using Akismet. It is an awesome plug-in that allows you to greatly reduce spam from ruining your site. The system has a database of “2,191,704,433 spams caught so far” to detect if a comment is legitimate or not. I enjoy it’s use and so should you. It was made for WordPress, although it has plenty of third-party options available on the site. All it really takes is grabbing the API Key.