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The Results from the ‘Behance Talent Search: Student Edition’

All-nighters, limited funds, and not nearly enough hours in a day –being a student is tough! We recently ran a competition to celebrate the hard work and innovation of creative students, awarding prizes for the top work. Submissions were judged based on presentation, creativity, originality, thought-process and execution. Of the 2,000+ submissions, check out the lucky few who’ll be taking home a series of creative prizes:

Kachi-Katah, a transformative chair inspired by a Japanese flower, by product designer Masamune Kaji

A collection of oil paintings by artist Matthew Adelberg

Illustrations for an interactive e-book by illustrator Rafael Alvarez

A conceptual project with 3D modeling for a new Volvo model by automotive designer Alexandar Alexiev

A self promotional branding project by graphic designer Yerevan Dilanchian

3D Resumé on Behance Picked up by Forbes

Behance member Mohit Lakhmani decided to take the notion of a creative resumé one step further with a 3D CV. His print-based, infographic resume is so unique that it recently caught the attention of Forbes, featured as “the best infographic resumé they’ve yet to see.”  

How much does your résumé stand out from the others in the pile? Probably not as much as this one. Mohit Lakhmani — art director, paper sculptor, and 3D graphics artist — is the creator of the best infographic résumé I have yet to see. Bonus: it’s 3D!

The résumé, which features three-dimensional charts, bars, pop-up descriptions, and decorative details, took Lakhmani four days to design in Adobe Photoshop and an additional day to construct. Lakhmani says he was inspired to design a 3D résumé, because “people appreciate things they can touch and feel” or that show rather than tell. As Lakhmani’s skill set lies in 3D modeling and graphic design, this particular résumé enables him to showcase his talents and gives potential employers and clients a first-hand look at his abilities.

Read the full article here and check out Lakhmani’s project here.

ProSite Spotlight: Portfolios with Personality

In addition to displaying your work, we believe your online portfolio should tell your story. With all the customization options available on ProSite, the possibilities for personalizing your site – from your landing page to your project covers – are endless. Here are a few examples of ProSites with personality:

JP Leroux is a copywriter, strategist, ponderer, “wordventor,” word-flipper, etch-a-sketcher and he even juggles. In addition to text-focused project covers, Leroux manages to convey his many talents in a simple, but personable animated logo.

The Fox and King is the working burrow of Glenn Thomas, an Australian Illustrator and Animator. Thomas injects a little bit of personality into each element of his site, including his animated .Gif logo of an illustrated fox and king strolling side-by-side.

Eric F. Thomas is an award-winning designer and creative director who has been designing and leading for over 12 years. Using a portrait of himself as a custom logo on his ProSite helps add a personal touch to his site, and reiterates his emphasis on building brands through real connections.

ProSite Spotlight: Self-Promotion

A great creative career requires a marketing strategy to maximize exposure and opportunity. With all the customization options available on ProSite, the possibilities for highlighting your specialties and skills are endless. Here are a few ProSites that feature innovative examples of self-promotion:

Max Sobkowski had a little fun with his profile, and created a poster that highlights his skills & rate.

Bruno Viegas turned his about page into an infographic CV complete with symbols & graphs.

Ben Cook is an interactive designer, so laying out his skill set, availability and tools in an accessible, yet creative manner was important. The “About” tab on his ProSite even lists “who I am and what I can do” before the user has clicked – you know exactly what you’re getting!

22 Creative Studios created a clear, to-the-point, “Services” section on their site that lets visitors and potential clients alike know exactly what they’re capable of.

ProSite Spotlight: About Pages

According to Smashing Magazine, “The “about me” page is one of the most overlooked pages in development [but] one of the highest ranked pages on many websites.” With all the customization options available on ProSite, the possibilities for your about page are endless. Here are two strong examples (click the images to see the live sites):

Geoff and Justin aren’t afraid to let their quirky personalities shine through on the about page for their design company, Studio Alumni. By referencing both their influence and creative process, potential clients can get a glimpse into what working with Studio Alumni would be like just from browsing through their site.

Simple and to the point, Factoriatalio Design begins with a quote from their founder and sums up their services in two sentences. Beneath their description they clearly list their firm’s capabilities so the user knows exactly which mediums they cover.

For more info on how to write a solid bio or summary of your services, check out this 99% article on self-marketing.