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Behind the Scenes – Preparing for 99% Conference!

We’re just 12 hours away from the start of this year’s 99% Conference – our annual event featuring insights on idea execution and the “99% perspiration” that’s behind every legendary idea. We couldn’t be more excited to hear this year’s speakers, who come from The Atlantic to Reddit, Jonathan Adler Design to Harvard Business School (and many more to be found here).

But before then, we’re busy preparing from Behance HQ! ¬†If you’re not attending, make sure to be following @The99Percent and #99conf for live reports, quotes, and more instagrams coming ‘atcha all day….

Chief Designer Matias Corea gives us a peek at this year’s program¬†

The team working out final details.

Tomorrow, these badges will be around the necks of hundreds of conference attendees.

Scott Belsky and Jocelyn Glei prepping. Read more →