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ProSite Spotlight: Portfolios with Personality

In addition to displaying your work, we believe your online portfolio should tell your story. With all the customization options available on ProSite, the possibilities for personalizing your site – from your landing page to your project covers – are endless. Here are a few examples of ProSites with personality:

JP Leroux is a copywriter, strategist, ponderer, “wordventor,” word-flipper, etch-a-sketcher and he even juggles. In addition to text-focused project covers, Leroux manages to convey his many talents in a simple, but personable animated logo.

The Fox and King is the working burrow of Glenn Thomas, an Australian Illustrator and Animator. Thomas injects a little bit of personality into each element of his site, including his animated .Gif logo of an illustrated fox and king strolling side-by-side.

Eric F. Thomas is an award-winning designer and creative director who has been designing and leading for over 12 years. Using a portrait of himself as a custom logo on his ProSite helps add a personal touch to his site, and reiterates his emphasis on building brands through real connections.