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Don’t Let Your Startup Make These Design Mistakes

Behance Co-Founder Matias Corea¬†recently spoke at State of the Startup, a monthly New York-based event, focused on the latest startup trends. Asked to speak on the most common mistakes designers make, here are Matias’ top 5 tips:

1. While it’s great to have designers who understand code, they should ultimately focus on design and not both.

2. Interaction design can’t simply rely on the way things look, and has to explore, test and prototype the way the work as well. A sure-fire solution: wireframes!

3.  Typography (and readability) rules everything.

4. “It’s better to have a hole than an A**hole” – Neal Blumenthal. Make chemistry and culture a priority within your team.

5. Focus on the product, no the exit. Success come from quality work and quality work stems from passion – create something you truly care about.

Check out the full article here.