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Behance Ambassadors: The Creative Scene in Buenos Aires, Argentina

We have 20 Behance Ambassadors stationed around the world, bringing creatives together for some real on-the-ground engagement. To kick off this new guest post series, we’ll hear from the Ambassador in Argentina, Paola Dalman.

Everywhere you go in Argentina, you see colors, inventions, designs, art work all exposed on the streets, buildings, and parks. Either walking in “La Boca” or visiting Salta, would serve for enough inspiration to anyone who thinks has seen all possible uses of color combinations.

I felt a mix of sensations when I was notified that I was selected as Argentina’s Behance Ambassador. How would I gather so many different stories, experiences, styles, and make them all want to share it for a general benefit? I believed it would be a difficult task, but as months went by, every creative that is part of my official group: Behance Argentina has made my job inspiring!

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Behance Around the World

The first round of Behance Meetups have been happening all month, all over the world. Here’s a photo report of what the Ambassadors have been planning…

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Montreal, Canada
Multimedia City, August 31

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Arista Cafe, September 26

Nairobi, Kenya
Capri 7 (former TBWA/Creative Office), September 17

Los Angeles, USA
Beechwood Restaurant, September 9

St. Petersburg, Russia
KOMPOT Cafe, September 10