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Behance Ambassadors – Creative News From Around the Globe

The Behance Ambassadors are a group of 15 who represent Behance in the real-world, helping to create local movements in their cities and provide real-world connections for creative professionals. They curate & promote stellar work coming out of their area, host & suggest local events, and help creative vibrant pockets of creative activity. Here’s what they’ve been up to:

Ambassador Rui Pedro Esteves just launched Behance Portugal! This site is the new hub for the creative community in Portugal, and contains info on upcoming events, inspiring creative work, interviews, and workshops.
Introducing Behance Portugal:

RSVP For Buenos Aire’s Portfolio Review Night
The official Portfolio Review evevent will happen on October 30 at the Universidad de Palmero, featuring presentations from 5 Behancers, plus special guest Hernan Berdichevsky, Director at imagenHB and Nobrand.

Congratulations to local photographer Lui Abadi, who showed his work at NYC’s MOMA PS1! Learn more about his work, “Casa de Cambio,” at the NYArtBookFair. In other creative news, Paola Dalman, your Ambassador, recommends joining the Buenos Aires Freelancer Community, or attending the IV International Designer Festival, going on from October 19-21.

An exhibition featuring the work of local talent is in the works for November 28-December 8th as a part of “Behance Portfolio Review Week.” (invitation to come). Our Ambassador Muid Latif has been busy – he hosted a gathering for the Behance Community on October 7, and, as part of his duties as  board member of Creative Commons Malaysia, is speaking on creative copyright laws this month.

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Behance Ambassadors – Creative News From Around the Globe

The Behance Ambassadors are a group of 15 who represent Behance in the real-world, helping to create local movements in their cities and provide real-world connections for creative professionals. They curate & promote stellar work coming out of their area, host & suggest local events, and help creative vibrant pockets of creative activity. Here’s what they’ve been up to:

Paola Dalman is busy planning a Behance Portfolio Review Event to be held at Universidad de Palmero – RSVP for the Oct 30 event here! Also in October is one of Argentina’s biggest events for Graphic & Visual Designers, the Trimarchi Conference – check out this 3 day conference.

Ambassador Felipe Tofani’s picks for upcoming events:
- Insert Brasil: Rio’s 2-day design event with workshops & exhibitions on art, tech, fashion & cinema.
- São Paulo Design Weekend: August 23-26 – Take part in the festivities
- BOOMSPDesign – Check out this international forum for architecture, design, and art this August 22-24

And while you’re here:
- Read Felipe’s thoughts on Art Directors in the Internet Age: Eles Não precisam de um Diretor de Arte
- Visit the new Behance Brasil Facebook Page

Muid Latif has built an active group of creatives in Malaysia who meet regularly, work together on creative projects, including participation in Kuala Lumpur Design Week, and much more. Now, they’ve been selected to work with “Pop My Case” and create custom iPhone cases featuring their design work! Muid’s selected 20 artists whose designs will appear on the cases – a great career opportunity made possible by his hard work.

Follow Local Collections: These regularly updated collections are curated and compiled by the Behance Ambassadors.

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Introducing the Behance Campus Ambassadors

Meet the first class of Behance Campus Ambassadors. A few months ago, we asked students on the Behance Network to help us build and inspire our student community. Our Ambassadors promote Behance by hosting events on campus, meeting with faculty members and running marketing campaigns at their schools.

We encourage you to get in touch with your campus ambassadors to connect and collaborate. If you don’t have an ambassador at your school, reach out to us and apply to the program. Enjoy learning about our campus ambassadors below!

Luis Domingo, Parsons The New School

Luis hails from the Philippines, grew up in California, and is now at home in New York. He does not like to be limited to certain fields, but interests himself in the development of ideas and imagining possibilities.

Currently, he is working on his thesis animation in Parsons. Feel free to challenge him in any video game you want.

See Luis’s Behance Profile and Join the Parsons Student & Alumni Group

Steven Williams, The Academy of Art University

Steven Williams is an art director, professor, soldier, and husband. Steven has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Indiana University. Currently, he teaches graphic design at the Art institute of Indianapolis and is pursuing an MFA from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Steve believes that as an artist, one makes art that has a meaning or a purpose. That’s what draws him to advertising. A good advertisement is just like a piece of art: it has meaning and purpose.

See Steven’s Behance Profile and Join the Academy of Art Student & Alumni Group

Kevin Jan William Wansa, The Art Center College of Design

Kevin Jan William Wansa aspires to inspire and empower a new generation of freethinkers. He has worked with discipline on a number of music videos, short films, and Webisodes. With a keen focus he has a number of feature concept scripts, while working on pitching his written feature Booms. He currently studies Film at Art Center College of Design. Every new day validates the last.

See Kevin’s Behance Profile and Join the Art Center Gallery

Emma Bäcklund, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

At sixteen years old, Emma lived abroad in Italy and since then, she has taken every opportunity to take part in international interchange. To date, she has lived in eight different countries. Emma previously studied wild life photography and advertising in beautiful surroundings in Norway, and now resides in Melbourne, Australia, finishing her bachelor’s in advertising.

Her specialties are working with non-traditional advertising and design. She believes that advertising in social media should not be forced, but can be achieved through stunts in the public space. Emma can’t wait to hit the market as a freshly produced creative.

See Emma’s Behance Profile and Join the RMIT Student & Alumni Group Read more →

Behance Meetups – April Edition!

April 13 – Amsterdam
This Wednesday it’s finally going to happen, Behance Netherlands first Meetup! I would like to invite you to come to cafe/pub de Doffer in Amsterdam at 8 PM. The night brings you a chance to meet other Behancers as well as a opportunity to hear about the work they have been doing.
More Info

April 14 – Los Angeles
Come join us for the monthly Behance/AIGA LA Meetup! A casual evening where members of the Behance community and AIGA LA can gather and mingle over cocktails. Located at Barbara’s in Downtown LA.
More Info

April 16 -  Istanbul
After the first Behance meetup in March, we’re now ready to launch our agency tours! On April 16th, we’re visiting C-Section to meet with other creatives and have fun as they will show us a case study of ‘Will this be the year?,” the most amazing joke ever. Get inspired by its unfamiliar spreading strategy as well as other details behind the curtain.
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April 23 – Rome
Join us for a free workshop for all lovers of photography and postproduction! In Collaboration with CreativeproShow, we’ll have a live shooting and postproduction session, creative discussion, and dinner. (All this by the beach!)
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April 28 – New York
At the latest NYC Meetup, we’re looking for 30 Special People to share their artistic voice, collectively we’re going to create a typeface celebrating the sun.
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April 30 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Join Behancers in a visit to the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur. We’ll talk about adaptation of new media in the museum, and how the artifacts displayed are part of the new artwork developments. Traditional Indian food at Banana Leaf to follow!
More Info

Behancers in Moscow and Istanbul meet up!

Moscow Meetup – February 2011
Our Moscow Ambassador hosted a meetup at digital agency PICHESKY, where creatives were treated to a few presentations, including one on “Why you need a personal portfolio,” as well as Pichesky’s art director, who spoke on the role of design in Russia. And, if you speak Russian, there’s some great video footage of these talks to check out. According to Dmitry Traytel, a developer here at Behance, the speaker discusses building a quality portfolio, the convergence of different forms of design due to the new accessibility of this fields, and self-promotion using new technologies. He says:

“Behance has become an effective platform for people to find quality work and quality contacts.  For example when I see an incredible Spanish studio, or an amazing Brazilian studio, I understand that I can work on a projects with them. In Russia there is enough creative capacity to work with the rest of the world.

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CUTOUT Magazine Covers Behance Ambassador Event

Thanks to Muid Latif, Behance’s Ambassador in Malaysia, creative activity and opportunities are springing up all over the city of Kuala Lumpur. Latif, a renowned digital artist, organizes critiques and work sessions, Cafe meetups and more for local Behancers and other creatives who’d like to attend.  CUTOUT Magazine, a popular Graphic Design magazine in Malaysia, covered the very first event back in September.

Want to get involved with The Behance Ambassador Program?
Email ambassadors[at]behance[dot]com.

Upcoming Behance Meetups

Our Behance Ambassadors host monthly Meetups in cities around the world. If there’s one in your city, show up!

Brooklyn, New YorkFebruary 24 (tonight!) at The Knitting Factory

Istanbul, TurkeyMarch 5 at Mono Music Cafe & Bar

Guadajara, MexicoMarch 8 at MINI BAR

Los AngelesMarch 10 at Edendale Grill

Barcelona, Spain - March 25-26 at “Selected Graphic Design” Event
(2 Behancers have won passes to this conference put on by Index Book, but other Behancers attending will receive discounted tickets! Join the Behance Spain Group to get in on this)

London, England - March 30 (Location TBD)

NYC Creatives – Want to be a Behance Ambassador?

The Behance Network is thrilled to host the work of thousands of creative professionals worldwide. And in 2010, we launched a program to spark more real-world contact between members in cities across the globe. Our team of 20 Ambassadors, in cities from Lisbon to Sao Paulo, Moscow to Los Angeles, have been busily hosting events, meetups, critiques and talks, to help make the Creative Community in their city as vibrant and exciting as possible.

Now, we’re looking to add a few more Ambassadors in New York City.

TO APPLY: Please fill out this survey

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Behance Ambassadors: The scene in Los Angeles, California

We have 20 Behance Ambassadors stationed around the world, bringing creatives together for some real on-the-ground engagement. To kick off this new guest post series, we’ll hear from the Ambassador Team in LA, Jimmy Moss and Michelle LeClerc.

I started out by sitting at a table and ordering a drink-the name of it I can’t recall, so let’s call it an Early Bird. Folks started trickling in, and by nine o’clock we had taken over the back patio of the Beechwood in Venice. People having dinner were confused, and possibly a little jealous that they didn’t get a nametag. We explained that this was our very first Behance / AIGA LA meetup, and if they wanted they could join us. Some actually did!

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