Spontaneous Collaboration

We came across a little story in Behance Network member Adriana de Barros’ visual journal today. She explains that she has been meeting many new artists in the network and received an invite from painter Simon M. Smith for input on a special project:

“This is something I’ve never done before: seek ideas, input, intervention in one of my paintings. If anyone out there is interested in taking my existing image and interfering with it in some way, and then conveying the results back to me, I’d be very pleased to hear from them. (…) I’m particularly interested in what those of you working outside the realm of painting might make of it.”

What follows is Adriana’s fascinating journey to interpret his work through an entirely different artistic medium and vision. We encourage you to check out her story at “Interpreting the Abstract.”

Also, the original painting work, as well as Adriana’s interpretation, is posted in Simon’s portfolio as a project title “Collaborative Invitation.”