Some of Our Appreciations…


As a small, passionate team trying to launch something new, we recognize the importance of collaboration and clear communication. Lately, we’ve been trying to better communicate Behance, our mission, and some of the research/writing we have done in the creative community. If these bloggers/mavens had appreciation badges next to their posts, then we would have gladly expressed our gratitude!

  • The kind words and coverage by advertsing/trends/inspiration portal PSFK of our LifeRemix collaboration.
  • The respect (and early shout-out for the Behance Network) from the visionaries over at
  • A few new blogs (12- 3) that covered the some Behance concept and product innovations including the Action Book (which is now out of stock…but being replenished very soon!).
  • The shout-out from, also prompted by our recent LifeRemix collaboration.
  • One fan who decided to share his sorrow after losing his Dot Grid Book in an Atlanta restaurant (we found his blog post through the wonder of Technorati and sent him a new one, gratis. Our random act of kindness of the day).