Self-taught Adobe skills lead to online recognition: Aldo Fernandes Azevedo

My name is Aldo Fernandes Azevedo. I’m 26 years old and began working in graphic art and graphic design in 2009. I joined Behance this year because it’s the best way to show your work to brands and other sites. The amazing works I see on Behance daily push me to become better, improve my skills, and to progress day by day.

Just a few months after joining, my work has been featured in some amazing sites, including Daily Inspiration and Abduzeedo. Abduzeedo is a site that I always used for inspiration and admired all the works there. Suddenly, I was there–that was unbelievable for me!

[Skulls on the Behance Network, featured on Daily Inspiration]

I’m currently a student of Graphic Design in Olinda, at a college called AESO Barros Melo. I first started with a course on Adobe software, then started to study through magazines and finding new tutorials online. I’m always trying to improve my Adobe skills, especially in Illustrator and Photoshop, and recently my digital art project Tree was published in Photoshop Creative UK issue 79. I’m from Brazil, and seeing my work published in a British magazine was unbelievable!

[Tree from the Behance Network, featured in Photoshop Creative UK issue 79]

My favorite feature on Behance is the layout. I love how is easy to change and update new projects, and re-order the sequence of the projects, regardless of date. Follow my work on my Behance account at

[Vectors on the Behance Network, featured on Abduzeedo]