Scott McFadden’s Guitar Resumé Showcased by

We always love seeing a project get noticed in the news – like Scott McFadden’s, recently featured in the San Francisco Chronicle.  Last month, Scott posted a Project called ‘Guitar Resume’ that got some following.  As Alyson Shontell explains, “McFadden was moved to turn the acoustic guitar – which he received for Christmas – into a resume by his design professor. “Think of your resume as if it is a person. What kind of introduction is it making? How would you introduce yourself?” he was told. So he made something personal.”

Scott says, “I believe in the power of design…Design is an obsession with creative excellence. Design inspires, empowers, questions, challenges, and provokes. Design is more than aesthetics. It is the beauty to the brains. It is the melody behind the lyrics. It is the soul behind the song. Design puts the solution in your hands. It invites you to pick it up and play along.”

We’re proud of Scott creating this one-of-a-kind resumé and wish him the best of luck!


Guitar Resume