Roundup: Links We Like

DoSomething.Org – Make Art Save Art
Art Programs are the first thing to go when schools face budget cuts. is mobilizing young artists to use your creative talent to help save arts education in schools. We know you Behancers have fond memories of your early art class years – take a few minutes to submit a short testimonial or creative work about the importance of arts education – you’ll get a chance to win $1,000!

Square Inches of Design
This collective art project calls on designers to participate in a massive (not to mention charitable) group work: buy one or more square inches of material to use as your canvas (for $1 each), and your design will end up on a massive quilt donated to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We at Behance believe that smart design can change the world, and we hope you participate in a real-world example of this.

Fidgit Box: Celebrating Creativity
This new media network tells the stories of exceptional young people around the world who have made an impressive impact in their field. It’s both inspiring and humbling to browse the short videos on this site that introduce you to some of these leaders. Teaser:  you’ll meet founder of the world’s first iPod accessory company, and founder of one of UK’s major gaming sites – a video game swap site.