Respect for “The Cult of Done Manifesto”

Serial innovators Bre Pettis and Kio Stark came together to produce what the call “The Cult of Done Manifesto.” As Bre explains, it was written “in 20 minutes because we only had 20 minutes to get it done.” Talk about making ideas happen…

The manifesto, reprinted below, inspired technical illustrator James Provost to represent the manifesto as a poster (below). No word on how long that took…We find this inspiring and very inline with Behance’s mission to boost productivity and execution in the creative world. Much respect to Bre, Kio, and James!

The Cult of Done Manifesto

  1. There are three states of being. Not knowing, action and completion.
  2. Accept that everything is a draft. It helps to get it done.
  3. There is no editing stage.
  4. Pretending you know what you’re doing is almost the same as knowing what you are doing, so just accept that you know what you’re doing even if you don’t and do it.
  5. Banish procrastination. If you wait more than a week to get an idea done, abandon it.
  6. The point of being done is not to finish but to get other things done.
  7. Once you’re done you can throw it away.
  8. Laugh at perfection. It’s boring and keeps you from being done.
  9. People without dirty hands are wrong. Doing something makes you right.
  10. Failure counts as done. So do mistakes.
  11. Destruction is a variant of done.
  12. If you have an idea and publish it on the internet, that counts as a ghost of done.
  13. Done is the engine of more.

Poster by James Provost


  1. Suityquidly
    — September 7, 2010 4:06 pm

    Very Interesting!
    Thank You!

  2. — November 29, 2010 11:52 am

    I haven’t heard much about it but will try to research it. I am against globalization though. I want America kept as it is.