(RED) + Adobe Promote Creative Students & AIDS Awareness

In September Adobe and (RED) joined forces to celebrate emerging creatives with a global talent audition for students. Ramona Ring, an illustration student from Hamburg, Germany was selected as the winner based on her innovative illustration project, and went on to collaborate with legendary graffiti artist Futura on the below album cover for Dance (RED) Save Lives:

Check out the video documenting competition winner Ramona Ring & Futura’s collaboration.

The Dance (RED) Save Lives2 Album is now available on iTunes for pre-order.

(RED) is on a mission – to deliver an AIDS FREE GENERATION. In 30 years, AIDS has taken the lives of 35 million people. There is no cure yet, but there has been incredible progress, and we are at a critical time in the fight. Today, 900 babies are born each day with HIV- that number can be near zero. Every generation is known for something. Let’s be the one to deliver an AIDS FREE GENERATION.