ProSite Spotlight: Photography Portfolios

The medium is the message when it comes to your creative portfolio. With all the customization options available on ProSite, the possibilities for personalizing your site – from your landing page to your project covers – are endless. This month we took a look at three photography ProSites with three unique styles:

Pawel Mazurkiewicz is StupidColors, (his words, not ours) so he created a site that’s as vibrant and bright as he is. In addition to his rainbow of project covers, he’s also implemented a rollover in a different shade for each.

Jack Radcliffe is a documentary photographer, who specializes in carefully composed, richly printed portraits. Using project covers to zero in on the narrative in each photo, Radcliffe adds only a touch of yellow, that accenting his dark site with hover states and links.

Becka Hussey describes herself as a “young, enthusiastic photographer with a penchant for the quirky with a case of the wanderlusts” – a sentiment that’s quickly apparent after a quick flip through her site. Her portfolio is easy to navigate with original titles and casual copy, giving off a great sense of what it would be like to collaborate with Becka. 

Posted on July 12th, 2012 by Jenn