Paul Henderson: Finding Clients and Community

We always love hearing about what our talented creative community is up to.  Occasionally we’re lucky enough to have a member write to us about how Behance has helped their creative career. Want to share your own Behance story? Let us know in the comments and we’d love to include it in our Success Stories series.

My name is Paul Henderson, founder of RISE Design Studio, and I joined the Behance community a little less than 2 years ago. Before Behance, I had a been working as a freelance graphic designer in Southern California for roughly 4 years.  I had a decent portfolio, a nice set of local clients, and I enjoyed moderate success working on projects I liked but didn’t necessarily love.

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I initially joined Behance and several other online creative communities to get my work out there and attract new clients, but it took me a little bit of time to understand the true value of a top notch creative network versus just a nice portfolio site.

What it didn’t take me long to recognize was the level of work on Behance.  There are a ton of great sites out there with a lot of high level work, but Behance sets itself apart as THE place for the world’s leading creative professionals.

Once I learned that this was a place where the world’s best really galvanized, I decided to stop wasting my time with so many different design outlets and just focus on the RIGHT one.  I started digging into Behance a lot more, getting the know the nuts and bolts of it, building relationships with other designers, and to this day I am extremely happy I did.

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It is the one place where I can go to quench all of my creative needs.  Everything from inspiration for personal projects to reference imagery for client work, to feedback on my own work, and support from like minded creatives… Its all here.

It’s like a magazine or book featuring the best work from all over the world, only instead of just looking at static pages, you can follow the artists, interact with them, live and learn from them in real time, and eventually in time become one of the artists getting featured.

Since joining Behance, I can honestly say my creative life has dramatically changed.  And in a sense, my life period.  Constantly immersing myself in the top design community in the world and actively engaging with it has driven my own work forward exponentially.  My process has become much more involved, the knowledge of my profession has deepened extensively, and the quality of my work has developed rapidly because of it.

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Although many clients have found me from seeing my work on the Behance network I would not say that this is the main value of my experience here.  It is because of Behance and my interaction with the creative people that are a part of it, that I can create the work I do today.  My current work is so much more aligned with who I am as an artist and my true potential as a designer that I now have the honor and the privilege to work on highly creative and engaging projects that I love, day in and day out.

A big thanks to the Behance team for creating such a richly rewarding artist network, and I look forward to growing with you in the years ahead!

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