Nvidia State of the Art Contest

NVIDIA State of the Art ContestYes, that’s right!  We’re teaming up with Nvidia to give members of the Behance Network a chance to flex their creative muscles for some cool prizes.  If you’ve seen the “Speak Visual” campaign all over the streets in NYC, you’ll know what we’re talking about.  Here’s your chance to speak in whatever creative outlet that you choose.

State of the Art is a 3-part contest with Notcot and Core77, where Nvidia asks the Behance Network community to “Visualize the Screens of the Future.  How do screens help us community communicate, experience and create?  Are there 3-D e-books or LED skyscrapers?  Show us your design for the screen of the future.”

The first contest runs from Dec 19 – 28 and you can get more information by visiting the Behance Nvidia Contest Page. You’ll have a chance to win the NVIDIA Quadro CX with Adobe CS4 Master Collection.

Behance will be giving out the third prompt which runs from Jan 12 – Jan 25.  Stay tuned for details and enter the contest!