Notre Dame Senior Transforms Graduation Cap into an Online Portfolio Portal

Since Amanda Jonovski started her job search, she’s been constantly on the lookout for the best creative career opportunities, not even pausing during her own graduation.

At her Notre Dame commencement ceremony, Amanda transformed her graduation cap into a portal to her online portfolio on Behance by adding a QR code and “Hire Me” to the mortarboard.

We got in touch with Amanda to learn more about the inspiration behind her exposure-boosting attire:

“Initially, I wanted to decorate my graduation cap so my parents could find me in the crowd of nearly 2,000 seniors. Simultaneously, I knew I still needed a job. Familiar with Notre Dame’s vast network, I knew there had to be at least one person in the crowd that either wanted to hire or knew someone hiring a Graphic Designer. I couldn’t pass up the potential for that kind of exposure. Exposure and getting your name out there is key in the art and design world, which is why I use Behance. I know that my portfolio will be seen by other designers and potential employers.

Plus, let’s be honest…those commencement ceremonies can be kind of long. If someone wants to pass the time by viewing my Behance portfolio…I’m in full support of that, and if one of those people happens to want to hire a graphic designer…I’m in even more support of it.

I received a LOT of great feedback in person on the day of graduation from both fellow students and many parents. I also saw a spike in the number of portfolio views that day.”

Amanda is still looking for the right opportunity in Graphic Design in Boston or Chicago. To see her work and get in touch, visit her Behance portfolio at