NYC Creatives – Want to be a Behance Ambassador?

The Behance Network is thrilled to host the work of thousands of creative professionals worldwide. And in 2010, we launched a program to spark more real-world contact between members in cities across the globe. Our team of 20 Ambassadors, in cities from Lisbon to Sao Paulo, Moscow to Los Angeles, have been busily hosting events, meetups, critiques and talks, to help make the Creative Community in their city as vibrant and exciting as possible.

Now, we’re looking to add a few more Ambassadors in New York City.

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Who are you?
You’re an energetic Creative Professional who wants to take a leadership role in connecting the Behance Network members in your area. You are active in your local arts & design community, and enjoy going to exhibits and other arts events, meeting new friends and collaborators, and connecting people. You have an online presence, and some experience in planning events.

Your Role – Behance in NY
As a Behance Ambassador, you’ll be bringing together the local creative community, helping to build connections and foster collaboration. Each month, you’ll be asked to plan and execute an activity, and document this experience in a blog post that will appear on our Team Blog. We’ll stay in touch throughout the month, and offer suggested events to help out.

Since the program launched, the Ambassadors have hosted some pretty kick-ass events, if we do say so ourselves. To give you an idea of the type of event that goes on:

Los Angeles – Monthly Behance/AIGA Meetups at venues like Intelligentsia, Cat&Fiddle. Drinks, networking, creativity.

Lisbon – Monthly “Be-In-Talks,” in which a local creative leader (owner of Design Studio, esteemed Graphic Designer, for example) presents to and advises the Creative Community.

St. Petersburg – Monthly Meetup to present new work to one another, network, and socialize. The Ambassador also gives a monthly creative challenge “assignment” to bring to the Meetup for discussion.

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