Most Appreciated Projects on Behance

Appreciations are a way to send genuine kudos to another creative professional on Behance. This is our community’s way of curating the network, so that the best projects gain the most exposure. Here’s a look at two of the most appreciated projects on Behance this week:

L’Enfant Extérieur, a photo retouching project on Behance, was born from the notion that there’s a young, innocent, naive core in all of us. This visual exploration is as thoughtful as it is playful – and one of this week’s Most Appreciated projects. Take a look!

The Nanjing-based art museum Sifang is well-constructed with simple, elegant architecture – so when it came to crafting a brand identity the same principles had to be applied. An identity that leaves white space alone, playing with subtle typefaces and angles instead, is a crowd favorite. See the full identity here.

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  1. — December 12, 2012 5:59 am

    These photos are amazing. Just proves the power of Photoshop and while alternatives like Paint.NET are good for basic image manipulation, advanced stuff like this requires Photoshop and nothing but. Great list, thanks

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