Meet the team: William Allen

Who are you and what do you do at Behance?
Hi! I’m William Allen – I run Strategy & Operations here at Behance. I watch all the money coming in and out of the business, study our user analytics, push forward our marketing and advertising initiatives, and read through boring contracts. But mostly I get to learn from an amazing team.

What are three desktop tools you can’t live without?
1) Evernote for organizing my thoughts
2) Sequel Pro for database analytics work
3) Excel – still the world’s best program for anyone who works with finance and data.

What have you worked on recently that you’re extra proud of?
We hold weekly analytics meetings with our design/product teams – and every week we learn something new. Proud to be able to put our amazing growth into charts!

What do you listen to while working? 
My colleagues talking – I never wear headphones. It’s remarkable what you can learn through ambient noise.

Can you name a few favorite blogs and sites?
Fred Wilson’s blog AVC, Felix Salmon, James Altucher, and on the political side, Andrew Sullivan.

Name something you’ve learned since joining the Behance team that you weren’t expecting:
That there are more variations to my name (like Bottom Line Billy, for example) than you could ever imagine.

Keep up with Will on Twitter at @WilliamAllen