Meet the team: Sarah Rapp

Who are you and what do you do at Behance?
Hello! I’m Sarah Rapp – sometimes referred to as “Social Sarah” here at Behance (why yes, I do handle social Media here). As the Director of Community & Engagement, I (along with our 2 other Community Managers) think of myself as “the eyes and ears of Behance,” so everything I do relates to making sure our members are happy, and that we’re offering up the best, most engaging experience to them we possibly can.

Most days, this involves a lot of listening (through social channels, emailing with members, and analyzing behavior on our site) and making improvements based on what I hear. The other half is talking back to our community, in ways like: maintaining our social accounts (especially the mega-account @Behance), planning offline events and programs for them, blogging at the Team Blog, Newsletters, and much more!

I also squeeze in things like test-driving the latest social platforms and technologies & keeping tabs on our metrics. And always, collecting stories and anecdotes from our members to share with the world!

What are three desktop tools you can’t live without?
1) Sprout Social – this is what we use to Tweet from @Behance and the 6 or 7 other Twitter accounts we maintain. A few months back we did a big audit of all the best social media management tools out there, and Sprout is our pick – well-designed, with lots of visualized data about your fan base at your fingertips.

2) Mac’s “Hot Corners” tool – Not exactly an app, but this is my favorite Mac feature. I often have about
10 programs open at once, so each of my corners is programmed to do something different to help me
stay organized. With one move of the mouse, I can clear away all the open programs to find something
on my desktop, or go to another corner to get the birds-eye view of everything I have open. It annoys
the hell out of anyone who tries to use my computer, but it’s worth it!

3) Gmail Multiple Inboxes – I swear by this Google Labs tool that lets you reorganize your inbox to
create several inboxes on one screen. My top inbox is for new/”to deal with” emails, the one below that
is starred emails that need more attention, and below that I have emails all related to one project. It’s a

What have you worked on recently that you’re extra proud of?
Probably my proudest accomplishment in my 3 years here is launching “Behance Portfolio Reviews,” a series of offline events all about sharing and receiving feedback on creative work. These events are organized by members, for members, and during the inaugural Portfolio Review Week, we had 153 events around the world! (More in this infographic). It’s a testament to how awesome our members are that they were able to take a little support from us and run with it so plan such inspiring events in their hometowns and cities. Right now, we’re deep into planning & promoting Portfolio Review Week #2, happening later this month.

What do you listen to while working?
The life of a Community Manager is prone to a million interruptions a day, so having my headphones on
helps keep me focused (or at least hints to my co-workers to come back later). Right now I’ve been
listening to The Lumineers, Frank Ocean, First Aid Kit, and The Alabama Shakes. And whenever I’m
running low on energy, Beyonce and Robyn save the day.

Can you share a few of your favorite projects on Behance? OR Who are some of your favorite
creatives to follow?
There are so many!

One of my all-time favorites is Andreas Scheiger, who “dissects letters,” literally as if he were doing
surgery on them, or arranges them as if they’re archeological exhibits.

I’ve always loved the sketches of Mattias Adolfsson, who spends dozens of hours making detailed
sketches of his imagined worlds. I interviewed him for our blog, and am fascinated by his working-style -
for example, he loves drawing while on trains.

I’m a sucker for any branding project (much like our members), so I often spend time filtering our gallery
hunting for new ones.