Meet the team: Clément Faydi

Who are you and what do you do at Behance?
Bonjour! I’m Clément, one of the three Lead Designers at Behance. As part of the “Product Team,” I’m involved in concepting new ideas and turning them into features and products. I am currently mostly focused on helping creatives discover more work and getting inspired. Things I do every day: discuss how to improve products, sketch wireframes, make them real in Photoshop, support our developers as they make their magic happen, and of course, what I’m most passionate about: moving things by one pixel.

What are three desktop tools you can’t live without?
1. Photoshop – I know it’s obvious for a designer, but it’s definitely the software I use the most and certainly couldn’t live without.
2. Rdio – The best way to listen to music on the internet! Beyond providing me with more music than I could ever hope for, they are at the forefront of UI design, and always take minimalism to a new level. I love what they do.
3. Alfred- Because it allows me to open Twitter in 1/4 seconds.

What have you worked on recently that you’re extra proud of?
I am super excited about the new Behance iPhone app that will launch very soon. We have incorporated some key features that will help creatives discover more work and showcase what they are working on to the world, from their phone. I’m also currently redesigning the way users find great projects on Behance and will hopefully be able to share a preview soon. Very exciting!

 What do you listen to while working?
Mostly jazz. I started playing piano when I was 8 years old and now find myself discovering a lot of subtleties I couldn’t hear before. I guess that designing makes me unconsciously listen to music in a very different way. Also, I really can’t focus on my work when hearing songs with lyrics!

What are some startups that you’re a fan of?
There are a lot of startups I follow, but I’ve lately been very impressed with what the guys at FiftyThree are doing. They always solve problems in a surprising, yet simple way, and that’s a very difficult thing to do. They recently launched a new tool called the “Mixer” for their app Paper and revealed their process and some of their secrets here. Quite magical, I love how obsessed they are.

Check out Clément’s ProSite, Behance portfolio, or follow him on Twitter.