Kuler for iOS!

Kuler, Adobe’s social color platform, has been a hit with creatives everywhere and now if you’re an iOS user, you can have the power of Kuler in your pocket!  Kuler for iOS allows you to spin the color wheel to find your perfect combination and HEX/RGB values, but it gets really awesome when you flip the app into Camera mode.


In Camera Mode, you have a few choices: you can either import a photo from your Library, Flickr, or Google and dissect the colors or use a live view that will update color combinations as you move your camera around.  While you’re using the live view, you can simply tap on your screen to capture a temporary still to dissect further with five handy, draggable color nodes.


Once you decide your color scheme, you can save it to the Kuler gallery on your phone.  From there, you can adjust the HEX/RGB values, tag the scheme, or sync it with your Adobe profile.  Once synced, you can log in on a desktop browser and see all of your inspirations.  Plus, once Kuler is integrated to all Creative Cloud apps, you’ll be able to see your amazing finds in all of your most-used apps.


Whether you’re a working on dozens of projects or thinking about redoing your bedroom decor, Kuler will definitely become an indispensable tool for anyone obsessed with color.