James Victore: Aphorisms on Art & Idea Execution

Hosted by New York’s Ace Hotel, 99U Conference presenter and artist James Victore’s installation “Aphorisms on Art & Idea Execution” presents bold, simple messages to not only creatives, but anyone with an idea worth doing.  Victore’s work includes 1993′s “Racism,” and other works featured at the Louvre and The Library of Congress.

The lurid orange text screen printed on seemingly generic paintings slaps you with messages like “Kill the critic” or “Stop looking for permission,” advice that needs little-to-no explanation. And, if you forget your camera, there are rolls of inspirational stickers opposite the installation that viewers can help themselves to.  99U’s very own Jocelyn Glei interviewed James Victore about his process and workflow.

The exhibit runs through May 25th.  For more info, visit the Ace Hotel’s website.