Introducing The Beta: Behance Network

Great work deserves to be seen - The All New Behance Network

Today we are pleased to open access to the new Behance Network (an early version of it!). You can access this BETA version by clicking the strip at the top of

After years of feedback from the Behance community, our team has restructured the platform to better address the needs of the world’s leading creative professionals.

Specifically, you will notice some major changes and improvements like:

  • Revolutionary new project/portfolio management tools
  • Updated Design & User Interface
  • New “Follow” system that replaces the previous “Watchlist” feature
  • Revamped messaging system to address issues around mass messaging (more preferences to come).
  • New promotional & career advancement tools
  • An exclusive “open forum” for creative professionals
  • Many more to come…

When you publish a project in the new Behance Network, you will be prompted for additional information about the project. This information will help your work get found. Upon publishing, you will also have the option of promoting your work via Twitter, Facebook, and additional options to come.

One change that will take some adjustment is a repositioning of the purpose of an “Inner Circle,” further explained at this post: Changes to Inner Circles in the Behance Network.

Help Us Find The Bugs!
The new Behance Network is still in the process of being developed. However, we are opening access to the BETA in exchange for your help and feedback. When you log into the new site, you will notice a “Report A Bug” button in the floating bar at the bottom. This button links to our new User Support System. After a quick sign-up, you’ll be able to report bugs and get help when you need it. By using this system, you will help us pinpoint and fix the problem quickly.

The Next Generation of The Behance Network
Over the years, users have helped us understand how can generate new client leads, partnerships, and serve as a portfolio broadcasting tool. As a result, the technology, user interface, and promotional capabilities of the platform have been revamped to better showcase your work.

We believe the era of the “static portfolio site” is over. Your work deserves to be seen. The new Behance Network will provide more opportunities for exposure along with increased control over how and where your work is displayed.

Over the past year, the Behance Network has become the leading online platform for creative professionals. Over four million people visit every month – agency recruiters, bloggers, journalists, and other creatives – in search of new talent. Our partnerships with organizations like AIGA, MTV and other networks and schools, have made Behance a primary recruiting spot.

Our goal remains the same: to help organize the creative world’s work. We believe that technology and organization can enhance the careers of creative professionals.

We have more exciting projects in the pipeline; all of which are designed to serve your career.

As always, the Behance Network remains a free service, made possible by select sponsors, a job posting service, and Behance’s other products.

We are grateful to you, the Behance community, for all of your support and feedback over the years.

Best regards & Much respect,

Behance Team