Introducing the Behance Campus Ambassadors

Meet the first class of Behance Campus Ambassadors. A few months ago, we asked students on the Behance Network to help us build and inspire our student community. Our Ambassadors promote Behance by hosting events on campus, meeting with faculty members and running marketing campaigns at their schools.

We encourage you to get in touch with your campus ambassadors to connect and collaborate. If you don’t have an ambassador at your school, reach out to us and apply to the program. Enjoy learning about our campus ambassadors below!

Luis Domingo, Parsons The New School

Luis hails from the Philippines, grew up in California, and is now at home in New York. He does not like to be limited to certain fields, but interests himself in the development of ideas and imagining possibilities.

Currently, he is working on his thesis animation in Parsons. Feel free to challenge him in any video game you want.

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Steven Williams, The Academy of Art University

Steven Williams is an art director, professor, soldier, and husband. Steven has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Indiana University. Currently, he teaches graphic design at the Art institute of Indianapolis and is pursuing an MFA from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Steve believes that as an artist, one makes art that has a meaning or a purpose. That’s what draws him to advertising. A good advertisement is just like a piece of art: it has meaning and purpose.

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Kevin Jan William Wansa, The Art Center College of Design

Kevin Jan William Wansa aspires to inspire and empower a new generation of freethinkers. He has worked with discipline on a number of music videos, short films, and Webisodes. With a keen focus he has a number of feature concept scripts, while working on pitching his written feature Booms. He currently studies Film at Art Center College of Design. Every new day validates the last.

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Emma Bäcklund, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

At sixteen years old, Emma lived abroad in Italy and since then, she has taken every opportunity to take part in international interchange. To date, she has lived in eight different countries. Emma previously studied wild life photography and advertising in beautiful surroundings in Norway, and now resides in Melbourne, Australia, finishing her bachelor’s in advertising.

Her specialties are working with non-traditional advertising and design. She believes that advertising in social media should not be forced, but can be achieved through stunts in the public space. Emma can’t wait to hit the market as a freshly produced creative.

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Brad Zavakos, Art Institute (Indianapolis)

Brad has always been the “class artist,” though it wasn’t until age 21 that he began to explore design programs. Three years later he switched from studying for a BA in Premed and Journalism at Xavier University to studying Computer Sciences at the Art Institute of Indianapolis.

Brad hopes to pursue his degree in Web Interactive Media Programming in the areas of UI/UX design for educational systems for lower-income institutions. As a programming tutor in his free time, Brad hopes to work in education.

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Youmna Chamcham, Art Center College of Design

Youmna studies Graphic Design at Art Center. Coming from a television background, design taught her there are millions of other ways to storytelling. She loves being on the edge of technology, and is often on the list of re-release versions of design software.

Youmna believes that it is an exciting time to be a student, with costless web exposure and opportunities to network with other creatives. She loves being around people, specially with those who dream big and work hard.

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Colin Garven, Full Sail University

Colin Garven is a 21 year old student studying Digital Arts & Design at Full Sail University. During his studies, he has developed a passion for the art of storytelling through design and the act of evoking emotions to communicate an idea. Colin is in a two year accelerated bachelors degree that covers a vast array of disciplines and loves the fast-paced environment. The program covers print, motion, 3D, film, and web.

He is excited to get into the industry feeling well equipped as a young and hungry creative. Upon graduation in May, Colin hopes to be able to work in the beautiful city of Vancouver and start an exciting future as a designer.

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Elisabetta Di Stefano, Pratt Institute

Elisabetta graduated from SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology with an A.A.S in Communication Design and a B.F.A. in Graphic Design, Magna Cum Laude in 2008. She is now studying packaging design at the Pratt Institute, where she founded and chairs the TDC Pratt Student Group. Elisabetta is also the Chair of Graduate Concerns for Pratt’s Student Government Association.

As a bilingual, inquisitive, philanthropic designer with an entrepreneurial spirit she loves to connect the world through visual communication.  Elisabetta pursues entrepreneurial ventures with her design firm, Risa Associates Inc. and is also involved in her community as a Rotarian in Southwest Queens Communities.

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Jared Gonzalez, Fashion Institute of Technology

Jared is a graphic design major at Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and is also minoring in art history and psychology. He is an alumnus of two of some of NYC’s most groundbreaking entertainment institutions (Turntable Lab, MeanRed Productions), is infatuated with all things typography, loves off-color humor, and has a certain predilection for anything noir. His favorite television show is Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations.

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Astrid Sylvester Petterson Hongset, Hyper Island

Astrid is a Norwegian graphic designer, currently studying Digital Media at Hyper Island in Stockholm. Born creative and curious, she is learning how to channel these qualities into her work. She believes that a good day is a day when she can learn from all the people around her and share her insights.To Astrid, the “ultimate day” might be spent covering a wall with a thousand post-it’s with ideas!

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Nadia Payan, Miami Ad School

Nadia Payan is a graphic designer and art director. She comes from palm-tree-laden Miami, where she’s ultimately staying after stints in New York City, Paris and Sydney. She is a student at Miami Ad School by day and up to creative hi-jinks at night. She has a penchant for traveling and documentary film watching. Typography is an essential part of her morning breakfast.

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Rosie Pringle, Pratt Institute

Rosie Pringle is a designer born on the auspicious day of 06/07/89, in the subtropical city of Tampa, Florida. She moved to the temperate zone of Brooklyn in 2008, where she currently dwells in the oasis of Pratt Institute, studying Communications Design.

Her full name is Katherine Rose Pringle, but everyone besides the government calls her Rosie. She is in no way related to Pringles potato snacks.

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Tim Smith, Full Sail University

Ever since Tim picked up a crayon, he loved to draw, color, and create. It wasn’t until the dawn of the internet that he heard about graphic design, but as soon as he saw these digital images that were being made he knew its what he wanted to do. A self taught designer, learning through tutorials and scrutinizing techniques of others, he thought it was time for a formal education. He currently a student at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL studying Digital Art & Design, set to graduate spring 2012.

Tim is passionate about every aspect of design and finds it hard to focus on one discipline. He loves the art of storytelling hopes to communicate that through design. He loves to travel, go exploring, and anything that has to do with camping.

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Caroline Pratt, Pratt Institute

Caroline Pratt is currently studying Graphic Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Her creative passions include trolling through design books, all things Swiss design, bookmaking, and printmaking. She taught herself screen printing in 8th grade and has taken classes in traditional printmaking and screen-printing. Disagreeing with the current idea that print is dead, she hopes to go into the Editorial Design field once out of school to focus in book and magazine design.

Outside of the creative world, Caroline is an avid dog lover, often times embarrassingly making a scene when she meets dogs. She believes that art, in all of its media, is informed by everything around it and in turn everything is informed by art and the creative process.

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Elizabeth Raisa Tanawi, LaSalle College of the Arts

At 18-years-old, Raisa is the youngest student in Fashion Communication at LaSalle. Rices experience includes journalism and public relations, where she is currently a PR Manager at a fashion retail company. Aside from being a full-time student and sharing her creative work on the Behance Network, Rice enjoys everything about both traditional and pop culture of Japan and Korea.

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