Interview with Richard Florida

The Behance team was just invited to take part in HP’s “Input/Output” interview series.

So far, the series has included interviews with folks such as Chris Anderson at WIRED  and George Halvorson, the CEO of Kaiser Permanente. HP has asked us to help cover the conversation with next week’s  interviewee, best-selling author,  Richard Florida, The Rise of the Creative Class.

We are certainly interested in the rise and growth the the “creative class,” and we look forward to sharing some of the highlights/insights from this interview. The interview starts at 2pm EST on Monday, December 14th. You can follow some of the commentary on our team’s unofficial twitter account: @behanceteam (as opposed to the standard one that is less conversational: @behance ).

PS: Many thanks to HP for helping plan this event and inviting us to participate – as a sponsor of Behance, they help make it possible for us to keep up and running…  Gracias.

Posted on December 12th, 2009 by Sarah