Idea: Broadcast Your Product with a Contest!

One of the early members of the Behance Network, Joey Roth, is a brilliant industrial designer that developed the much talked-about “Sorapot.” The Sorapot was an early project in the Behance Network that yielded thousands of views and was the catalyst of much press and fanfare. Our team has since had the opportunity to sample tea from Joey’s pot – and we became real fans of his work as well.

For this reason, Scott Belsky and Behance Chief of Design Matias Corea agreed to serve as judges for a very creative and engaging (and fun) outreach contest that Joey has launched for Sorapot. Serving along with friends at Moco Loco, NotCot, Swiss Miss, and DesignNotes, we will be judging the most creative “Sorapot inspirations” – the winner of which will receive their very own Sorapot.

Congrats to Joey for his hard work, and good luck to all those that enter the contest!  You can enter the contest here.

Sorapot Art Contest