Hurricane Sandy Relief: TOKEN

Hurricane Sandy had devastating effects on those near and dear to us, including our friends at TOKEN, a design studio based in Red Hook, Brooklyn. This talented team is extremely active in the Behance community, and they were kind enough to share their story.

When was the studio first opened? How did it get started?
TOKEN opened in 2007 after Emrys and Will took over a small furniture/lighting studio and furniture/lighting design office that they had been running for a fashion brand.

What type of work does your studio primarily focus on?
TOKEN is a Red Hook, Brooklyn-based design and manufacturing studio that develops contemporary handcrafted furniture and lighting objects embodying the evolving intentions of American modernism.

What creative project you’ve worked on are you most proud of?
If you’ve been to Lincoln Center recently, you might have even seen some of our work featured within the Promenade of the David H. Koch Theater. We were one of three local NYC design studios selected by the New York City Ballet to showcase our work there for visitors to enjoy.

Could you describe the effect Hurricane Sandy had on the studio?
When Sandy came ashore, she brought with her about six feet of brackish storm surge and delivered it right into our Red Hook studio. She trashed our space, submerged our machinery, ruined raw material, and destroyed our offices and showroom.

What has helped your team stay motivated and positive throughout this tragedy?
Knowing and believing in the fact that change, whether its forced by massive flooding or not, can be pushed in very positive directions.

How can people help and get involved?
By following the growth of our brand and by passing the word along that we are rebuilding and going to come back stronger than before.

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Posted on November 20th, 2012 by Roxanne