How do I find a great designer on Behance?

We hear stories of top companies like Apple, Netflix, and tech startups hiring talent they’ve found on Behance everyday. But how do they discover the right talent in the first place? Here are the top three things they’re doing:

1) Search for the right things with our discovery tools
We offer robust tools found in the “discovery” tab with ways to search, sort, and filter that will help you find your ideal designer.

  • Start with the subject matter: use Tags (like iPad, iPhone), search by Field (like “Interaction Design”), Tools Used, or School Attended (found in the Advanced Search).
  • Then, Filter by Location for a list of design specialists based in your area

2) Leverage Top Creatives As Curators
The smartest recruiters/companies are “following” top creatives/designers that they like. By doing this, you not only get to see the latest work from these designers, but you also see every single project that they appreciate, comment on, or add to a collection. Since there are millions of projects on Behance, you’re essentially using the top designers as your curator to find top talent. This is the BEST way of identifying top talent in specific fields… just get the experts to do it for you!

Build your Activity Feed, then Login to Discover New Work! 
Whenever you find a team or member that has the aesthetic and quality you’re looking for, just start following them! Get started by:

  • Browse the “Creatives To Follow” list, sorted by field
  • Start following your favorites from your previous searches in the Discovery tab
  • Check out people’s Appreciation Streams (link is on side of their profile), like mine as an example.
  • Then, login to your Activity Feed to see what people are doing. Discover the latest talent and send them a message when you’re interested.

3) JobList: Post your hiring searches on on the JobList
In JobList, Behance members can apply and sync their portfolios automatically for your review so you can immediately see their creative work. Our JobList posts are syndicated across 15+ other sites, and they often yield great candidates and referrals to other creatives.

The Behance team is always developing new ways to discover and engage top creatives across industries, so look for even more tools in this arena in the future!