Guest Curation #2: Our Rep in Turkey Posts His Picks

Gökhun Güneyhan, Behance’s Ambassador in Istanbul, Turkey, curates some of the best work posted on Behance coming out of his local creative community. More:

Abstract Landscapes by ugur eren
I’ve always been a fan of long-exposure photography, especially because it requires much more effort, time and patience. And no matter how many times I see a long-exposure photo, I can’t help but love it, especially those taken during the daylight. Ugur Eren, an art student and long-exposure lover from Istanbul, made a great photoset of the familiar spots of our city of Instabul.

Promat – 3D Video Mapping by Can Buyukberber
Especially in the last 2 years, mapping is one of the most popular ways of making clients happy and we see several new examples every day. One of them came from Can Buyukberber and his colleagues; quite impressive work for Promat, a leading company in printery. Mappings are usually done on huge buildings; where you have a lot of space to do what you want. Although they didnt have it this time; they succeeded to make it look great!

Evil Eye Font Design by Mesut Uğurlu
Mesut Ugurlu, who was featured on Typography Served recently with his first font family “Penis Type”, has just published the second font design with an inspiration of superstitions this time. The Evil Eye Pendant, loved by the tourists, is used to be protected from bad wishes for reasons of jealousy or dislike. “Nazar Type” is an inspirational work that may help the Evil Eye Pendant becomee more than a decorative object or an accessory.

Concept Cell Phone “Need” by tamer koseli
Tamer is a Swiss born Istanbul based member of BeTurkey, who has a powerful portfolio with inspirational pieces in several disciplines. His concept cell phone “Need” is one of them, which he designed to protest the way we use cell phones today.  You can’t play mp3 on it and it doesn’t have a camera; but it just lets you call the people you want!  You can say it’s not ergonomic, but it’s hard to deny its originality…

Posted on December 7th, 2011 by Sarah