Full-size videos come to ProSite projects

Display videos from Vimeo and YouTube at any size up to 1920px wide in ProSite projects with just a quick update to the embed code.

1) Grab your new embed code

Go to the original source of your video embed (on Vimeo or YouTube) and adjust the embed code to the max width you’d like to display on ProSite, then copy the code.

2) Edit or create a Behance project

Create a new project with the embed code, or, to add to an existing project, go to Edit Projects on your Behance account and replace the existing video with the new code, then save. (NOTE: the video will still appear as 600px wide on Behance, but it will have the full width on ProSite)

3) Update your ProSite

Go to your ProSite editor. The video will now display at the same width as your project images. You can adjust the project image width in Design–>Styles–>Projects–>Project Image Width



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Posted on May 15th, 2012 by Mell