From transcontinental collaboration to New York Fashion Week: Tarin Yuangtrakul

Two years ago, I discovered Behance through an MTV Playground ad on TV. I was still in high school, and looking for a place to showcase my work, so I quickly jotted down the address.

My first time on Behance Network I found a lot of great artwork and designers. I decided to publish some of my own personal artwork to my Behance portfolio, but didn’t feel my work was interesting enough yet. While looking for ways to improve my work, I discovered the article “Want your work to be featured? Tips from the Curatorial Team,” and I realized I needed to work on my presentation.

[Time Goes By project on the Behance Network]

After a few months, I became more engaged in the community on Behance. This was a place where I could communicate and discuss my work with people who were interested in the same things. The Behance Network allowed me to find and meet so many young creative people living in this world.

My first ever featured project was O2, a collaboration between Chris Valentine and me. Although we’ve never met each other (he lives in South Africa), we were both teenagers, I was only 18 and Chris was 19, and found it was easy to explain and give opinions to each other, even though we were living far apart.

[O2 by Chris Valentine and Tarin Yuangtrakulproject on the Behance Network]

Now, four of my projects have been featured, and Behance’s exposure has brought many opportunities my way. I’ve been contacted about features in magazines and books, interviews, or even jobs. One contact even gave me the chance to do an illustration for a fashion show in New York Fashion Week!

My advice to other creatives: Behance can open up so many opportunities to you, but you won’t reach your goals unless you keep working hard at what you love.

Now I am 19, and currently studying graphic design at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. I work in many fields of art and design; typography, digital art, illustration, drawing, and even music. If you are interested in me or my work, please check my Behance portfolio out. You can also follow more little parts of my life on my Facebook and Twitter.

[Infinity project on the Behance Network]