Expressing Some Gratitude

It makes our day when we come across thoughtful industry thinkers, leaders, and bloggers that take the time to explore Behance, often offering a candid view on the strengths and opportunities for growth in our business.

In a blogosphere full of three sentence posts and quick video snippets, our team really appreciates coming across in-depth posts on some of the projects we are working on.

We came across two recent posts on Control Your Robot, a well outlined blog covering the intersection of design, technology and life. The site shares a really observant review of both the Action Method and the Behance Network (along with a few other portfolio sites). We enjoyed reading the postings along with some of the other articles on the site. One in particular, “Make My Logo Bigger…Enough Said,” reminded us of one of the early favorites on the Behance Network, also on the theme of  “making the logo bigger!”

We also wanted to thank Ed Cotton over at Influx Insights for taking the time to interview Behance. We especially appreciated the nature of the questions and enjoyed going a little deeper on our mission, the trends and needs we are seeing in the creative community, and some thoughts on where Behance is headed.  Influx Insights is a truly influential blog in the advertising/media world, and we were honored to be interviewed.