Digital storyteller connects with “dream job” through Behance JobList

As part of our mission to empower creatives, the Behance JobList helps match the best creatives with the best opportunities. So, we were very excited to hear about photographer and filmmaker Chris Battaglia who found a unique job opportunity on Behance that was a perfect fit.


I signed up for Twitter in July 2011, but chose not to engage the tweet portal until late August. I thought it a useful tool for spreading the word on a social justice documentary that I shot with my best friend.

This is me and Ben:

At this same time I tried to bolster our film, I also found myself in the throes of job hunting. Following a whopping 10 people, I thought I’d “up the ante” and seek out productive connections. One of them happened to be Behance—and subsequently, BehanceJobs.

I came upon this site months before this moment, perusing other artists’ work, but never invested more than a couple minutes of my time on the site. It’s basically a social networking site for creative people who want to highlight their portfolios and find work. Sounded right up my alley.

Not two weeks after following BehanceJobs did I scroll through my homepage feed to find this:

When I clicked on the link (no longer available, go figure: the job’s taken!), I was directed to a job description sent directly from the Heavens.

Pencils of Promise is looking for a badass digital storyteller who wants to spend time in NYC and in Laos, Nicaragua and Guatemala. Ideally a visionary filmmaker and recent college graduate…”

Say no more! I have been taking my little Canon zr800 (a birthday gift from my father in freshman year of college) everywhere, documenting and filming everything I could. Telling stories was a hobby into which I poured my heart. This was perfect. I immediately applied to the posting.


After a whirlwind interview and a last-minute flight to Guatemala, Chris had secured his “post-college dream job.” He’s now telling stories through photography and filmmaking for Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit organization that builds schools and increases educational opportunities in the developing world.

Read Chris’s story, and more about his experiences with Pencils of Promise, on his blog.