Creative Events Roundup

Have some extra time this summer to expand into your passion or hobby? Here are a few creative events that are worth consideration. 

Luminance Conference
Most photo conferences focus on gear and technique. Luminance is different. This 2 day conference features two dozen top speakers (including our own Scott Belksy!) from a variety of organizations that help to create, consume and definite photography. Each will present a 20 minute TED-style talk. Photographers, technologists, designers & those who care about the direction of photography should attend.
September 12-13 – NYC

App Summer Camp
If you love app development and are a talented young hacker/designer/geek, join your cohorts at this 2 week camp on the water in Hungary. The “campers” will get involved in digital product development projects – plus, it’s all free if you’re selected! A great opportunity in Europe for UX ninjas, bloggers, journalists, mobile or front-end developers.
August & September – Hungary

Startup Weekend
Startup Weekend is all about providing events that will help you get a jump on launching your startup. Share ideas, form teams, and hear from passionate leaders and entrepreneurs. This is an event series (there have been 587 events around the world!), so check out upcoming events for one in your area.
Around the world, throughout the year