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99%: A Behance Conference

It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen.

It’s not about ideas.
It’s about making ideas happen.

How many unwritten novels, half-finished projects, and brilliant ideas have never seen the light of day? What separates creative people who make their ideas happen from the constant dreamers?

Behance is partnering with Cool Hunting to host 99%. A conference that focuses less on idea-generation, and more on how inspiration and organization come together to make ideas happen.

Insights and stories from a diverse set of speakers, the conference will assess productivity in a creative context, offering a sneak peek behind the process, exposing how ideas come to life.

For more information, please visit The 99 Percent Conference

Behance At The National Design Awards

Action Book and Dave at the National Design Awards

Behance was pleased to partner with this year’s National Design Awards at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. The leaders of Behance gathered with fellow advisors and friends to celebrate some of this year’s greatest achievements in the world of design.  Behance also produced a special limited edition Action Book for the Nation Design Awards – distributed to all winners and over 500 attendees along with a special limited edition bag from Target.

For the Digital Nomads Among Us

Behance founder Scott Belsky wrote an article for the digitalNOMADS blog that discusses the opportunities and challenges for those that work out of the office.

In the new era of the workforce, we think that freelancers and other out-of-cube workers must manage their careers with certain things in mind!

“In a world of increasing professional freedom, managers (and the rest of us) struggle to adequately measure output. Gone are the days of clocking in and clocking out. We often assume that the number of hours spent “working” are an indication of one’s effort and accomplishment. However, in reality, this is not the case. Furthermore, applying such short-sighted measurements will diminish some of the most valuable benefits of a free-range workforce. The era of digital nomads must be greeted with a new corporate lens. We must stay focused on the bottom-line while eliminating the bureaucratic noise….”


Behance Team launches the first SERVED Sites

The ServedThe Behance team quietly launched the first five “SERVED” sites late last week. The SERVED sites showcase some of the greatest works by leading creative professionals within specific industries. The first five SERVED sites are:

Fashion (
Industrial Design
Motion Graphics

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UCLA-Berkeley Creativity & Technology

Behance was featured at the annual UCLA-Berkeley “Play” Conference at the Haas School of Business.  I (Scott) had the opportunity to make the case for empowering creative professionals with the new age of technology, and I had the opportunity to discuss (and in some cases debate) the importance of boosting productivity in the creative world – and protecting the time and effort that goes into great pieces of creative work.

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Wiley Design Challenge

Win Your Way Onto a Wiley Book Cover

We’re excited to have our Chief of Design, Matias Corea, as one of the judges for the Wiley Design Challenge.  Wiley, a leading publisher of Adobe how-to books, is asking the creative community to submit book cover ideas for “Photoshop for Right Brainers.” Winner’s design will be in thousands of bookstores and will appear in national promotions.  You can take a look at the current submissions by visiting the Gallery.  Good luck to all!

Making GOOD Ideas Happen!

Behance was pleased to throw a party for New York’s Internet Week – gathering leaders in the creativity community together for a good cause. Attendees were encouraged to bring their idealism, and leave behind Action Steps with resources, connections, and next steps to help three non-profits make their ideas happen. The featured non-profits at the event were City Year, StartingBloc, and Sustainable South Bronx. Check out the photos by Behance Network member Rachel Feierman.

The event was co-sponsored with our friends at AllDayBuffet.

Amazing people gathered for drinks and got a buzz from doing good – what more could you ask for?

We’re hiring!

Whether you’re a designer, economist, brand strategist, copywriter or ball juggler; we’re always on the lookout for talent.  Behance is a start-up and we believe we’re in the first inning with many more exciting things to come in the future.  We’re currently hiring freelance writers, online ad sales associate, junior web developer, and interns.  If you have a strong passion for creativity, productivity, and making ideas happen, please visit to apply!

TED Thoughts #1

TED: Ideas worth spreadingI (Behance team member Scott) am at TED for a few days this week (at the outpost in Aspen, CO). Some fascinating concepts, ideas, and observations are coming up at the conference (and, we hope the limited edition TED Action Books in use by  the 600+ TED University participants are helping capture the ideas!).

A few interesting tid-bits worthy of a posting:

(1) Esteemed designer Isaac Mizrahi shares insight on his creative process: “A lot of my design ideas come from mistakes or tricks of the eye.” This was no surprise to hear, given what the Behance team has observed in effective brainstorming…

(2) A fascinating “map” of the world was displayed, depicting the size of countries based on the news coverage they get. It was amazing to see, for 2007, the fact that newsflow would insist that the world is all about US and Iraq. And, if you look deeper, you learn that pop-star drama gets more mindset than war, famine, and the like. The map was a visual wake-up call…and I’ll look for an image to share with you!

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A Change to This Very Page

If you’ve been coming here often you may have noticed more and more posts piling up on the same page. I got to adding pages to the blog tonight, as well as adding links to the Behance Network. The network was really the secret reason I hadn’t added pages or posted in a while. It was great to finally launch “our baby” this week so the tech team here could focus on some other things. We definitely learned a lot of new tricks while building the site that will help us in the future. Good times.