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Life Skills with Alex Krug

Once a month at the Behance Team’s “State of the Union” meeting, we invite one of our own to teach us a little lesson on an area of expertise. In recent months we’ve been schooled on Helvetica vs. Arial, Twitter visualizations, and select Photoshop features. Last month, Alex Krug taught us all an important life skill- how to tie a bowtie. Although the success rate was not extremely high, the men of Behance are well on their way to learning. We also discovered that, in the absence of a mirror, an iPad works as a great substitute!

Want your work to be featured? Tips from the Curatorial Team

Each day, you’ll notice fresh featured content on the Behance Network and our Served Sites. We’re proud to show you the very best from our talented network of Creative Professionals, to help these greats get the exposure they deserve. Each day, the curators go through every single project that is uploaded; we get a lot of questions from network members asking how we choose the featured content on both the Behance Network and The Served sites.

Well, we’ll tell you (what we can). Innumerable factors go into how featured work is chosen, but the Curatorial Team has put together a list of a few outstanding features that they look for when sorting through the freshly uploaded projects each day. If you won’t rest easy until your work gets on the front page or a Served site, keep these guidelines in mind:
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Typography School

Chief of design Matias Corea hosted a little Helvetica 101 session with the Behance team last week. For those who haven’t seen the documentary about the classic typeface – which, by the way, is required viewing for new hires at Behance – it is ubiquitous on the web and in design circles. Here he is illuminating the differences between Arial and Helvetica, after which he gave us a quiz. We all passed! Check out this chart to spot the difference yourself, and then take a quiz if you’re feeling inspired.

National Design Awards 2009

For the second year in a row, the Behance team was pleased to play a special sponsorship role and provide a limited edition 10th Anniversary “Action Book” for attendees at the National Design Awards.

Behance Team at the National Design Awards
Pictured here, from left to right, are Behance team members Scott Belsky, Matias Corea, Alex Krug, Zach McCullough, and Oscar Ramos Orozco.

The Amazing Project Spread

As 2010 approaches, our team found ourselves sitting around the table and taking inventory of what has transpired since we started working together in 2006.

What started as a bold experiment to organize the creative world’s work has now become the leading online network for creative professionals. Here are a few updates that we’re thrilled to share:

  • The Behance Network now receives over 16 million pageviews per month from over 3.5 million visitors, and an increasing amount of this attention is being directed at the new “Served” sites like TypographyServed and FashionServed.
  • While creating their online portfolios of projects, users can publish projects using a variety of Creative Commons licensing options as well as their own preferences. Projects are eligible to be showcased by leading curators on other sites around the web.
  • Top agencies, galleries, and creative companies report using Behance to recruit talent – whether by searching the network or posting creative jobs. A number of agencies site Behance as their #1 source for finding talent. Read more →