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Team Photo & Gratitude

Out team is grateful to photographer Pascal Bejean for swinging by the office to take some quick shots of us in our element – and on our roof in Soho, New York.

Trying On Some New Shoes

It looked like Christmas morning here at Behance as we claimed our shoes from the folks at Simple. We’re grateful, and you can see, many of us abandoned the shoes we were wearing for our new kicks.

We’re pleased to host Simple’s Identity Design Showdown competition, and the shoes were an unexpected nice touch from them.

Email of the day

We love getting fan mail. (Does anyone not love getting fan mail?)

It means a lot to hear how Behance and The Action Method have impacted creatives and their workflow, and every so often, an email comes along that really makes us smile. We wanted to share with you the Onyx Group’s story.

This small creative agency recently changed direction, and needed to get organized. Someone stumbled upon Making Ideas Happen, and organized a Florida retreat for Onyx inspired by the ideas in Scott Belsky’s book. Everyone arrived having read the book and with prepared notes and ideas. A month after the retreat, they rolled out their new brand and website will a few cool features inspired by the book: Everboard (for brainstorming creatively), Transparent US (blog), Strategic Company Plan, and The Creatables (a backburner item geared to help creatives).

They say, “All of these events happened in about 60 days and we are well on our way to being creative and organized.”

We’re happy to play a small part in the reinvention of this group..

The Evolution of Competitions on Behance

Competitions on Behance provide members an opportunity to submit their greatest work – whether it is a past project for a client or a personal project – for review by industry leading judges, talent scouts, and peers.

Whether the competition recognizes brilliant use of color, excellence in photography, or achievement in any other creative field, the competition provides an easy way to get more exposure and opportunity. Thousands of companies use the Behance Network to recruit top talent, and network competitions serve as yet another form of curation for companies to identify top talent.

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Matias on Design

How did you first learn about design? Was it a person who shared it with you, or another moment of inspiration?

Project: Interaction asked this question to eight esteemed designers, who all video blogged their 60 second responses in this post. Our very own Matias Corea, Behance’s co-founder and Chief of Design, sounded off on his design roots.

Have a look at the other videos, including Ian Curry (Local Projects), Jessi Arringonton (WORKSHOP), Carl Collins (Temboo), and others.

How do you pronounce “Behance?”

Sometimes we get asked about the proper pronunciation or origin of the word Behance. Occasionally we’ll hear things that sound more like Beyonce, Bohance, or Bayhance, so we thought we’d clear things up a bit.

The name “Behance” was inspired by the word and meaning of “enhance” – making things better and empowering people to be more effective. The “be” implies that we must do it for ourselves; we must BE leaders of our own creative pursuits and develop the capacity to push our own ideas to fruition rather than rely on others.

As for the pronunciation…

Roundup: Links We Recommend

1) The PropHelping connect artist to humanitarian organizations

Connecting people doing good“So you’ve got all these artists, creating, painting, writing. We’re talking about the everyday creatives. But sometimes, our work makes it hard to see beyond what we are doing, to what we could be a part of.” The Prop is about connecting people doing good and instigating collaboration. The first Prop Event is September 23th in Chicago. RSVP for Every Face Tells a Story or check out their Vimeo Page and website.

2) Plethora — An iPhone app serving you inspiration everywhere

Plethora - Inspiration EverywhereThis new iPhone app offers design inspiration in a stripped down version for iPhone. The images come from 94 blogs, in creative fields such as photography, product design, and branding (including our very own Typography Served).

3) The Sketchbook Project — It’s like a concert tour but with sketchbooks

Sketchbooks stacked in rowsThousands of sketchbooks will be exhibited at galleries and museums as they make their way on tour across the country. Afterward, all the sketchbooks will be in the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Art Library. ANYONE can participate, just choose a theme (such as “revenge,” “make mine a double,” “boys and girls”) pay $25, and get sent a notebook.

Behance at National Design Museum

The Behance team extends gratitude to the NY Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum for providing a private tour of their new “Why Design Now?” exhibit. Our team enjoyed touring the museum after closing time with the Curator. Our take-aways included:

(1) We’re very humbled by the brilliance of the sustainable design in the exhibition.
(2) Some of the greatest innovations in design cost nothing and have vastly improved the quality of life in developing countries.
(3) The digital world of design is very UNDER-represented in traditional museums…

Swissmiss Birthday Party!

Behance’s designers partied it up at Swissmiss 5 year Anniversary Party in DUMBO last week. Clearly, they made good use of the StudioBooth. For more coverage on the party in honor of Tina Roth Eisenberg, click here.

Zach and Matias at the Swiss Miss Birthday Party
Matias tossing Zach the Stuffed Animal Monkey
Pictured: Zach McCullough & Matias Corea