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Israeli Design: Capital Holon

This is a guest post by Behance Curator Oscar Ramos who recently visited Holon, Israel to attend the iconic Design Week. Here’s what Oscar had to say about his experience and some of the great artists he met along the way:

Holon is 6 miles south of Tel Aviv with over 200,000 inhabitants and its mayor, Moti Sasson, was recognized as one of the top ten mayors in the world by Monocle Magazine. In the last few years, Sasson has introduced five new museums into Holon, including the Israeli Center of Digital Art, the Israeli Cartoon Museum, and the Design Museum Holon. Designed by Ron Arad, the facade of the Design Museum is formed with bands of Corten steel at different states of oxidation, creating a gradient of oranges that curve voluptuously to become the iconic building that hosted this year’s Design Week Holon.

The initiative, which focused on Israeli design, brought more than fifteen design week directors from all over the world to see the work of local creative professionals through exhibitions and one-on-one meetings. Designers Plus Ten, curated by Galit Gaon, presented 42 Israeli designers, each represented by one piece from the beginning of their career ten years ago and one from this past year.  One of the participants in the exhibition was Adital Ela  who teaches sustainable design in neighboring Holon Institute of Technology. Adital’s mentor, Daphna Yalon, have developed a compression process for earth and straw, based on ancient techniques and new study of materials. Adital introduced the Terra Stools, which are made in this manner.

Terra stools by Adital Ela.

Yael Friedman  makes wearable rings of dry vegetables or converts them into toys, in the form of  engineered puzzles.

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Behance on the Importance of Internet Freedom

Check out this Google-sponsored video that will go to all senators and congress emphasizing the importance of Internet freedom. The Stop Online Piracy Act, better known as SOPA, is a bill that grants power to the federal government and copyright holders to take actions against sites that promote copyright infringement, thus threatening to take Internet freedom away. Behance is out front on this issue in many ways – and we will continue to do everything we can to stand up for our medium. Please support Stop the Wall and take a minute to share the video.

Introducing the Behance Campus Ambassadors

Meet the first class of Behance Campus Ambassadors. A few months ago, we asked students on the Behance Network to help us build and inspire our student community. Our Ambassadors promote Behance by hosting events on campus, meeting with faculty members and running marketing campaigns at their schools.

We encourage you to get in touch with your campus ambassadors to connect and collaborate. If you don’t have an ambassador at your school, reach out to us and apply to the program. Enjoy learning about our campus ambassadors below!

Luis Domingo, Parsons The New School

Luis hails from the Philippines, grew up in California, and is now at home in New York. He does not like to be limited to certain fields, but interests himself in the development of ideas and imagining possibilities.

Currently, he is working on his thesis animation in Parsons. Feel free to challenge him in any video game you want.

See Luis’s Behance Profile and Join the Parsons Student & Alumni Group

Steven Williams, The Academy of Art University

Steven Williams is an art director, professor, soldier, and husband. Steven has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Indiana University. Currently, he teaches graphic design at the Art institute of Indianapolis and is pursuing an MFA from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Steve believes that as an artist, one makes art that has a meaning or a purpose. That’s what draws him to advertising. A good advertisement is just like a piece of art: it has meaning and purpose.

See Steven’s Behance Profile and Join the Academy of Art Student & Alumni Group

Kevin Jan William Wansa, The Art Center College of Design

Kevin Jan William Wansa aspires to inspire and empower a new generation of freethinkers. He has worked with discipline on a number of music videos, short films, and Webisodes. With a keen focus he has a number of feature concept scripts, while working on pitching his written feature Booms. He currently studies Film at Art Center College of Design. Every new day validates the last.

See Kevin’s Behance Profile and Join the Art Center Gallery

Emma Bäcklund, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

At sixteen years old, Emma lived abroad in Italy and since then, she has taken every opportunity to take part in international interchange. To date, she has lived in eight different countries. Emma previously studied wild life photography and advertising in beautiful surroundings in Norway, and now resides in Melbourne, Australia, finishing her bachelor’s in advertising.

Her specialties are working with non-traditional advertising and design. She believes that advertising in social media should not be forced, but can be achieved through stunts in the public space. Emma can’t wait to hit the market as a freshly produced creative.

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Announcing The Behance Student Ambassador Program

The Behance Network is the leading platform to showcase and discover creative work. The Behance Student Show shines a spotlight on the next generation of creative talent, and is a program exclusively for students on the Behance Network.

Help build a global brand for Behance by becoming a Student Ambassador and expanding the Behance Student Show network. Behance Student Ambassadors (BSAs) are responsible for one simple, but important goal: inspiring other students to share their work with the world. By joining the Behance Network, students get unlimited exposure and recognition their work deserves. Membership is free.

Ambassadors will gain leadership and professional experience working in the epicenter of the creative world with the Behance Team. Equipped with the Student Ambassador Toolkit and a deep knowledge of Behance, our team of BSAs at schools around the world will act as an extension of the Behance team and as liaisons to the future creative professionals of the world. BSAs will be eligible for mentorship and career opportunities through the Behance Team and our contacts.

The program is open to any student enrolled in a college or university during the 2011-2012 academic year.

For more information about the Behance Student Ambassador Program, including a full list of responsibilities, qualifications, benefits, and details on the application process: download the PDF.

Once you review these materials, you may apply here.

The early days of Behance: Belsky reminisces on #MyStartupStory

Leap Year is a new entrepreneurial comedy web series; we’re thrilled to see entrepreneurship and comedy coming together – seems like a good match if you’ve ever worked at a startup!

The site also speaks to entrepreneurs about their “startup stories” and experiences launching a business – including our own Scott Belsky and Behance. If you want some insight into Scott’s own story, how Behance came to be, and some of the trials and tribulations we’ve had over the years, this is the place to see it.

“A lot of folks who we talked to when we got started told us we were crazy. If everyone thinks you’re crazy, you’re either crazy, or you’re really onto something. And we started to gain confidence from the doubt….”

On Day One: “I was coming home from my full time job, Matias [Chief of Design] was coming home from his full-time jobs, and we were getting together at 9 PM over Chinese food to talk about the brand…”

Behance opens office for Walkabout NYC

Today, we participated in Walkabout NYC, a behind-the-scenes look at the workspaces of NYC startups in the spirit of “celebrating technology and entrepreneurial culture in NYC.” Along with startups like, Meetup, Thrillist, Vimeo, we opened our doors to anyone who wanted to come in and check out Behance. Visitors got to leave with an Action Product and some other Walkabout goodies.

We really enjoyed meeting some of the Behance Community in person! A big thanks to Harvest for putting this event on as a part of Internet Week.

The Dark Side Of Crowdsourcing

Behance founder and CEO Scott Belsky shares his thoughts:

It makes me very sad to see some reputable design sites succumb to “community challenges” that are overt spec-contests for brands.

I’ve been pretty vocal about the problems with this sort of crowdsourcing. Namely, it (1) incentivizes careless engagement and poor output, (2) harms the creative’s reputation via attribution to the subpar work they submit, (3) causes problems for the client when work is re-used and creatives don’t care enough to consult, (4) strips the relationship out of any creative engagement.

Oh, and it marginalizes the value of creation itself and wastes a ton of valuable time.

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Unleash Your Community’s Potential – Register for Webinar on Community Engagement

Today, connectivity and community are more important than ever. If you feel like you  team isn’t fully tapping the potential of their community, maybe you’d like to tune into a webinar given by Behance (hosted by The Verizon Small Business Center) on building up and engaging with your business’s community.

Behance CEO Scott Belsky, along with Behance’s Community Manager Sarah Rapp will give tips on how to dominate community management and build up a kickass, thriving base. In the digital age, your community doesn’t want a call center and “PR Speak,” hey want a real person behind the brand, someone available not only to help them, but to offer new, creative ways to connect.

Wednesday, May 4th at 2:00 PM

The Verizon Small Business Center Presents:  Building Up and Engaging With Your Business’ Community

Behance on Entrepreneur’s “The Innovators”

Get a sneak peak into life at Behance in a new short feature on about “Entrepreneurial Innovators.” While Behance founder Scott Belsky shares his thoughts on ideas, execution, and innovation, the video meanders through the Behance’s Soho office, offering a glimpse into Behance behind-the-scenes.

Full Video: The Innovators: Behance’s Scott Belsky

Senior Developers Dave Stein and Jackie Balzer

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